Here is another good example of a double clamp setup
for the larger vans/trailers.
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Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:43 pm    Post subject: Hi Folks,   I have detailed on 28/10/14, the acute issue I have with moving our BT: (Bush Tracker)

 "I have to get our new BT around nearly an 80 degrees turn and hemmed in by an adjoining neighbours 6" fibre cement fence which will not allow the LC200 to articulate enough to do the job."   Just thought to share with those who may have a similar problem, what we have now purchased that does the job like a pro and takes all of the physical stress and issues out of the equation and is a dream to use.   Before I do, please be advised I am in no way related, involved or anything else with this product and am not receiving any kickbacks or anything whatsoever. I just did a Google search for caravan movers to see what was around.   It is just that I have spent a lot of time looking/thinking/deciding at what was available due to my predicament, reviewing carefully many, many times, the little on-lone videos on U-tube and the 3 product sites that I looked at and the costs etc. before I decided to purchase the TUGV3 and wanted to share it with those who may have a similar predicament.  And it came down to the old principle of KISS (keep it simple …..) and it works very well and was the cheapest and probably the easiest to use and store, not that that cost was the factor in the decision making as I came very close to buying the dearest one and almost dismissed the TUG, from what I saw initially on the video. But actions speak louder than words.  What was the decider was the actual free home demo and personally using it to fully accomplish what I needed to do and without much personal physical input from myself, a most important factor. Even my wife can use it quite happily.   It is called the TUG V3. And here is the url:

When you look at the TUG on this site on the on line video clip, like me, you may not be impressed as it appears to wobble about somewhat due to be fitted into a 50mm ball mount up front.

On my BT, all of that disappears as the TUG is held in firmly by the dual clamp of the jockey wheel and there is no movement. As I have 2 front drop down legs, it is easy to swap the jockey wheel over for the TUG.

It does the job extremely well and is geared at 450:1 for my 2800kg empty BT and is driven by a 1.2HP 12v motor. The cost is on the url site, including postage costs should you live t'other side of Aus. or elsewhere.

You would need to discuss with the engineer/maker Barry, as to what weight and size your BT is to get the appropriate gearing as they can be geared for various weights of vans/boats/trailers.

The builder is a retired engineer of the "older school" disposition so no pressure to buy and a true and honest gentleman in his dealings and works out of a small private workshop in Malaga, WA. And……. so convenient to where I live too!! Interestingly, he applied the BT brakes and pulled the BT up my 14mtr concrete pad and the TUG motor wasn't even warm, neither was it after using the TUG to move the BT from where I initially had it and around the difficult 80 degs turn we had to make to where I required it.

All 3 van movers I researched require you to provide or purchase your own battery supply in addition to the mover. I researched very carefully, another local made van mover (motor 1/2 HP) and another overseas brand (1.5HP) and although they do the job, when you have a careful look at how much effort is required of the user, you can make up your own mind of the advantage of the articulation from a single wheel mover that can be used at 90 degs as against dual wheels and what they recommend you need to upgrade to when you chat to them. Also, the size they are and the storage you need for them. Costs were from <2k>$3K

For us, we can move the empty van before we travel to another paved area adjacent and parallel to the drive where we can leave the BT and load it with all and sundry and fill up to 5 tanks, then just hook up and drive straight out. So the TUG V3 has been a real saviour, particularly for our ageing bodies.

Regards, Dave
A lengthy but very informative experience recorded by another happy customer.
22nd December 2017
Hi Barry
Thank you very much for repairing the "free wheel" gear on my Tug V3 at no cost, especially considering that damage was NOT a fault of the product but caused by myself in circumstances too embarrassing to mention and furthermore, it was well out of its warranty period. The lack of the "free wheeling" gear didn't stop me from using the Tug for some 6 months before coming to you. It just meant I had to carry it instead of pulling it along as I normally would.

During the 3 years of ownership the aptly named Tug has given me great service and never missed a beat. I was impressed with your demo that it easily moved my 2 ton van up a 25 degree slope with no trouble at all. I was equally impressed that with its solid engineering it could hold the van in place half way up the slope.

Barry, thank you once again for a great product and unmatched level of service.

Kind regards
Bryan - Mindarie WA
Hi Barry.
Just thought I would send you an email to let you know how pleased I am with the TUG, I bought from you almost 7 years ago. It is used several times each year to move our 21ft Caravan into our back yard & it has made an almost impossible job with our vehicle, into a very easy job with the TUG. What can I say but a great piece of gear & great service. Thanks Barry.
Bob - Pinjarra WA