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Has more than one use.
Please Note:
When cornering using your TUG with tandem axles a significant amount of energy can built up in the twisting of the tyres. Before parking simply move in a straight line to eliminate this built up energy.

The Tow Ball Mount (TBM) is proving to be very popular as it does away with the need to remove the jockey wheel to access its clamp. It also takes care of those who have a swing-away jockey wheel fitted. It has been extensively tested and as the picture shows it is a very simple devise and easy to fit.
The cost of the Tow Hitch is $450 if purchased on its own and discounted to $350 when purchased with a TUG.

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                                                        Another of our customers
                                                        has built a carry box to
                                                        transport and protect his
He makes them available for $120

Customers comment:-

The Tug continues to do the job and makes moving the camper a breeze.

There are some jobs that your tow vehicle just can't do.
Using the TUG the van was turned around and parked  in a very secure, safe position.
Given a bit of a challenge here. A customer needing to lower the front of his trailer to the ground so he could fit his boat under the carport. So a super Tow Ball Mount was constructed. As the pictures show the Powerwheel can be mounted in two different positions on the TBM.
One very happy customer. (Where is the boat you may ask. At the time of taking the picture the boat was being used in the 2014 Cottesloe to Rotto Swim)
"The tug arrived in Sydney on the following Wednesday and I picked it up at the depot.  They were extremely helpful and I unpacked it in the depot as the crate would not fit in the car.  I went away as soon as I got back to Port and have used the tug to move the van.  It worked extremely well even on grass and a slight incline. 
I am very impressed with the workmanship and operation of the unit - it will save me heaps of time and stress

Regards"  Port Macquarie NSW
Double Clamp TBM
A special request.
"Hi Mr Kramer,
I bought one of your power wheels , I think a TUG3, looks the same as in your recent pictures, 2 years ago.
As you claimed, it has worked to expectations , and still is. I am very happy with my investment.
I also bought the ball clamp fixture, which gave me more visibility and control, maybe a little less stability, but I like using it at the end of the van.

Regards"  Castle Hill NSW.
Letter sent to Grey Nomads E News from one of our customers,
with a cc to us.

We purchased a 'TUG V3' caravan mover a couple of years ago made by Kramer Engineering here in Perth (WA) when I had my back fused. We have a 23ft dual axle off-road van which is pretty heavy. I sussed out the various types online but noticed most required you to buy 2 units - one to drive each axle/tyre which made it an expensive exercise.

However a single 'Tug' is strong enough to move our heavy van. The heavy duty 12V motor I connect to the van's onboard 12V battery via an anderson plug wired to the front - or you can use a good size portable jump-starter.  It is mounted to the existing jockey wheel clamp when ready to move .

 Barry Kramer is very helpful - he came to our house to demo it initially and then again this year when I needed some advice. However, this service is only available in Perth & suburbs.

(PS - I have no connection whatsoever with Kramer Eng. - I just want to give GNs some good info which I would have liked when I was sussing out these units.)

Noranda WA.
 Some of the many satisfied customers write:-
Hi Barry,
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the Tug.
What was a three person job to back my boat trailer into my carport, can now be easily done alone.
I have told a lot of friends about it so I hope you get many more sales.

Best regards.   Sydney NSW
Hi Barry,
I just wanted to let you know that we have used the Tug a few times and are extremely happy with it.  It has enabled us to get into, and out of, some tight situations.  It also lets us park the van very close to our house so we have as much usable driveway as possible. I couldn't do this without the Tug.
Thanks again for a great product.

Regards  Blackburn South Vic.
Hi Barry ,
                  We are some very satisfied customers after having purchased our Tug .We live on a battle axe block and whereas we can get our Jayco Finch up the driveway with the car ,the rest of the manoeuvring is very hard .The Tug makes all this a breeze and we are now able to get our van back into our spare garage .We have a steep pinch of about twelve feet to get into the garage and with some extra weight on the draw bar the tug did it effortlessly .
Thanks for all your advice.  Watermans Bay.  WA
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